TomTom Trucker 620 Review – Truck GPS 2020

TomTom Trucker 620 Review

The TomTom Trucker is TomTom’s all new and improved GPS unit for large vehicles such as Trucks, buses and vans. The GPS has recently been released and while it’s based on the outgoing Pro 5150, it’s major step up in terms of both performance and useful features. As with all Trucker specific GPS units, it’s been designed to calculate routes based on your truck’s length, width, height and weight and therefore can be used in conjunction with your over-sized vehicle.

The TomTom Trucker comes in two models, a “620” with a 6-inch screen and a “520” with a 5-inch screen, however other than the screen sizes, there is no difference between the two models. Out favorite in the 620 and given it the one we would recommend, the review below is based on this. I would highly recommend that you buy the 620 given the large screen size makes it much easier to use.

In my experience, which while slightly limited, your GPS ends up being located slightly further away from you in a truck, then when you’re driving car. As a result, the large screen size makes it much easier to see directions.

TomTom Trucker 620 Truck GPS Review

The TomTom Trucker 620 comes with a 6-inch screen that has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and thus provides easy viewing to your directions in both direct sunlight and in low light conditions. The GPS looks great and the active magnetic mount works well, holding the gps firmly on your dash board.

As with all gps units, the first thing you need to do is update both the maps and the software. This can be done either by Wi-Fi or through a USB cable. It’s a slow process and will take a few hours. It took us about six in total, probably because out Wi-Fi speed to quite slow, but I have heard others complaining about the download speed.

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Maps & Direction

Once it complete and you can switch on the GPS, the interface is very similar to TomTom’s of old and thus very easy to get around. It’s very easy to enter your destination into the keypad and the gps will instantly calculate a route, considering your truck dimensions and any traffic along your route.

The TomTom Trucker has a built in AI system that learns how to predict and avoid traffic, both on highways and secondary roads, however it does go slightly crazy sometime. On a recent trip from El Paso to my home in NM, which is basically a 50-mile straight line down the I-10, the TomTom Trucker repeatedly tried to take us off I-10 onto some side roads and then back onto I-10. There was no traffic and we did not have a clue why it was telling us to do this.

The all new processor also powers the Bluetooth technology allowing you to pair your GPS unit with your smartphone and take calls using the inbuilt speaker system without taking your hands off the wheel and even get smartphone message read aloud while you drive.

Extra Features

Extra Features we like include;

  • Traffic Jam Alerts to help you avoid sudden braking where there is imminent traffic ahead
  • Plan Your Route with MyDrive either on your GPS unit or on your computer at home abd then sync the route to your truck GPS meaning that when you switch on your GPS, you're ready to go.  
  • The unit is now compatible with Siri and Google Now meaning that your points of interest database is now totally endless.  Simply ask Siri or Google Now.
  • The points of interest database does still exist and contains locations of diesel fuel stations, listed by price meaning, speeding alerts that tell you when you are travelling at above the road speed limit which work even when you’re not in navigation mode and thousands of stop-over's along your route for when you need a break
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It’s a cracking GPS unit and great value for money

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