Expert Advice: TomTom GO 620 Car GPS Navigator Review

TomTom GO 620 Review

The all new TomTom GO 620 is a quicker, trendier, much improved unit that comes with both with an all new clearer, brighter screen and a highly responsive inputting system which ensures that this really is a quality GPS Unit. This new TomTom GO has been completely re-designed to enable you to make the smartest driving decisions by knowing exactly the happenings around you and what comes ahead with the world at the touch of your screen.

TomTom GO 620 Review

The TomTom GO620 comes with a massive 6-Inch Touch Screen providing you with great graphics, excellent information display, a fluid touch response, and a familiar interface to view you world-class maps which TomTom has been perfecting over the last 25 years.

Having over 21 million TomTom users means that maps are also being continually updated as road layouts are changed and new roads built. You can easily report any updates or get access to updated maps through the Map Share Community four times each year, throughout the life of your device

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Maps & Directions

This TomTom Navigation System comes with an all new processor that works well the new larger screen and the clear, detailed maps. The GPS Navigation System uses spectacular 3D views of buildings and landmarks ensuring that you can visualize your route.

These work well with the all new voice commands, however in difficult situations the GPS unit will turn to an Advanced Lane Guidance system which clearly shows which lane to take at cross-ways and junction using brightly clouded arrows. The realistic 3D representation of the junction on even the most difficult highway intersections keeps you relaxed and safe.

You can now keep your eyes on the road and face no difficulty in making clear turns as the spoken instructions include street names and if you need to navigate directly to the nearest parking garage or find your current location the Parking Assist feature is available throughout your journey via the interactive Menu which is clear and very easy to use. The faster processor speed allows for a both predictive text to be used when you enter your destination and save your favorite location or personalize your device so that you can easily find and navigate to your favorite places.


The TomTom Traffic feature has been greatly improved over the years and now works exceptionally well to stop you getting stuck in traffic jams and therefore get to your destination faster. The TomTom traffic system has the most comprehensive road coverage of all the GPS units on the market covering 99.9% of all road types highways, major roads, secondary and residential roads. The unit indicates the exact points for the start and end of delays therefore allowing you to avoid the jams.

The real-time traffic updates come from using over 21 Million TomTom users across the USA forming a massive pool of crowd-sourced data which is in turn used to spot all the traffic jams across the USA. This GPS 620 makes you experience a new world of navigation with excellent features like the Interactive Map, pinch to Zoom, Tap & Go. ‚Äč The TomTom GO620 comes with a both a USB car charger and a Magnetic mounting system enabling fast and effortless, one hand docking.

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Highly recommended.

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