TomTom GO 520 Review

TomTom GO 520 Review

The completely re-designed TomTom GO520 puts you in complete control of your device with the world at your fingertips allowing you to make smart driving decisions by knowing precisely what lies ahead and what is going on around you. Real-time traffic information is obtained using active crowd sourcing by other users and thus the traffic information that you receive is a completely reliable as it is obtained by driving data from the over 350 million drivers around the world.

This together with the largest, most accurate database of maps which are continually updated, given this GPS unit comes with Free Lifetime Map Updates to ensure that you can get to you destination in the quickest, easiest route.

TomTom has been making World-Class maps for more than 25 years and are continually updating them with their state-of-the-art technologies and more than 21 million drivers the USA alone all providing data to allow the maps to be continually updated. 

Traffic & Maps

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The TomTom Traffic updates cover 99.9% of all road networks in the USA and pinpoints exactly where delays start and end, whilst calculating the fastest route to get your destination. Whilst your driving, you can also customize the device to give you essential traffic and travel information at a glance.

The precise traffic information on the road ahead is shown by the Route Bar which will help you plan your journey by knowing what's ahead. The TomTom GO520 can also connect with your smartphone allowing you to surf the internet for places that you to visit and send them directly to your Car GPS unit.

The TomTom GO520 has a new, super-fast processor which allow you to find you destination quicker. The in-built touch screen system comes with very good predictive text meaning that as soon as you start typing both the list of street name are quickly found and the GPS unit quickly finds the quickest route your destination. 

Menu & Interface

The easy-to-use Menu and simply fantastic and can be used straight out of the box. Even those that are not familiar with the TomTom GPS units, will quickly and easily be able to work out how to use the device. Favorite locations are now stored on the Map as well as in the units database meaning that you can easily find and navigate to your favorite locations again and again.

The 5-Inch Touch Screen is very good with good resolution and clarity even in direct sunlight allowing for safe and easy navigation. The bigger screen means that you can see instructions easily and its also easier to input your destination in menu due to the larger buttons.

The TomTom 520 comes with both Bluetooth and voice commands allowing for you to navigate hands-free while driving. Unlike many previous TomTom models, the Voice Commands work very well even when the windows are down. The easy Port Mount of your TomTom unit folds neatly onto the back of your device, which makes the whole navigation package to fit into the glove compartment or your bag.

TomTom has over the year developed a fantastic voice system to go with their Maps. The system works by giving you direction using landmarks rather than the old "turn left here". When using this GPS Navigation system you are more likely to hear, turn left after the Petrol Station rather than take the second left. Another feature of the Maps is the Parking Assist which helps you find nearby parking and can navigate directly to the nearest parking garage. 

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This TomTom GO520 GPS Review has shown that this is one the very best navigation systems for every driver who has ever had to battle through traffic congestion or been lost driving the roads.

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