What is the Price Range For An In Dash GPS Unit

In-dash GPS units are very good at helping the user navigate from point A to point be without getting lost or stuck in traffic, however like many electronics there is massive range in price from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Price Range For An In Dash GPS 


In-Dash GPS Unit NavigationBasic In-dash GPS units can cost as little as $75, however for the latest and greatest GPS unit this price can easily head towards the $1,500 mark if you are prepared to pay for a GPS unit that will not only provide you with great navigation, but also extra’s such as Touchscreen controls, Traffic Updates and Bluetooth compatibility.


After you have chosen your In-built GPS unit, you then need to have it installed correctly.  Yes you have a few skills, you can probably do it yourself, however realistically it will take you hours and most people who install GPS units themselves make mistakes along the way meaning that not all features will work how they are supposed to.  Our advice is that you have your GPS unit installed by a professional as whilst this will cost you an extra $100, it’s well worth it to know that it works how it’s supposed to and any problems you have are under guarantee.

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