Magellan Smart GPS 5390 Review


Screen Size


Battery Life


Processor Speed


Ease Of Use





  • 5-Inch Screen Size
  • SmartPhone Compatible
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Web Connectivity


  • Difficult To Use
  • Cramped Interface
  • Difficult to Press Buttons
  • Mount Does Not Work
  • Synchronisation Problems

Magellan Smart GPS 5390 RatingsFeatures

  • Huge 5-Inch, High Resolution Screen
  • Premium Car Connectivity.
  • Huge Points of Interest Database
  • Driving Information such as Lowest Gas Prices, Traffic & Traffic Camera Alerts, and much more without additional subscription plans.
  • Smartphone Connectivity – Search and transfer destinations and contacts from your smart phone to Smart GPS.
  • Cloud Connectivity 
  • Includes Smartphone App.
  • Yelp and Foursquare Integration


Magellan Smart GPS 5390 Review

The Magellan Smart GPS 5390 is trying to change the GPS Unit World by using the power of the internet and the cloud.  This Unit is packed in a sleek and stylish design that helps to integrate local, social, and mobile content as it helps you to Navigate you to your destination.

Introducing the 5-Inch Smart GPS 5390, Magellan has devised a cloud connected ecosystem between your Android/iOS smart-phone, tablet or Computer, and the Smart GPS itself.  All this comes with a very attractive pricing point that you will find is much cheaper that the traditional in-dash GPS units.  The Magellan Smart allows everyone to enjoy the “Connected Car Experience”, in any vehicle with the Magellan Smart GPS 5390, at an affordable price. At this price you get this portable navigation device that’s integrated with Yelp and Four Square if you’re feeling adventurous.

The GPS Navigation System also includes handy features that will give you valuable local information and save time and money as the information is delivered automatically to your Smart GPS. Given the Navigation System can connect to the internet easily, finding social reviews from Yelp and Foursquare that help you to choose the right restaurants in your local area allowing you to read reviews before you eat. 
Magellan Smart GPS 5390 Review

The Magellan 5390 includes a Phantom ALERT which provides information such as gas prices, red-light camera notices, weather reports, and traffic conditions.  An additional bonus is that all these extra’s are completely free.  Weather reports let you know what the weather is like wherever you roam across the whole of the USA.

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The SmartGPS also comes with a free smartphone app which lets you conveniently browse and select locations from diverse sources including Yelp & Foursquare. You can easily search and transfer the destinations and contacts to your Smart GPS from your smart phone. Navigating has never been more instinctive or more pleasurable as it becomes with the Smart GPS 5390.

The Smart GPS appears to be a powerful mobile information hub keeping drivers informed, saving drivers money and time, while providing safer navigation. You can now plan entire trips ahead of time or bookmark locations on the spot and conveniently share information between connected devices.

Cloud Connected Magellan Smart GPS Eco keeps you connected meaning you never lose your favourite destinations and never pay for an additional data plan to receive premium content. 
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The Smart GPS 5390 is accompanied by specially designed iOS and Android Smart GPS app which work together and deliver a comprehensive total solution.  Aside from the software, the Smart GPS 5390 unit includes a 1GHZ A8 processor, micro-SD support,, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4GB on-board memory behind its 5-inch LCD display.

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Many add-ons, like the Road Mate 5295T LM Smart GPS Battery, Quick Start Guide, Windshield Mount, Micro USB Cord, Vehicle Power Adapter, USB AC Adapter, and a Smart GPS App Download Card are included in each Magellan Smart GPS which enables you to make the optimum use of the GPS.



  • Smart Phones and App Compatibility 
  • Large 5-Inch Display
  • Touch Screen
  • Car, RV, Truck Navigation Systems Units and DevicesSynchronization ability with other Hardware
  • Expandable Memory Slots
  • Free Driving Information 
  • Bluetooth & Wireless Technology
  • Web Connectivity
  • Availability of free accessories with the Smart GPS 5390



  • Cramped Interface.
  • Default smart squares can cause problems pressing buttons.
  • The mount is really not that good and bumpy roads mean it will fall off the windscreen.
  • Slow Synchronization ability at times.


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