Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle Navigator Review

Just because you're driving your motorcycle as opposed to your car, doesn't mean your more or less likely to get lost. In-fact users often say that they're more likely to get lost while driving a motorcycle than driving in their car.  When you use your car, you're probably just popping down the road to the local supermarket, whereas when you're out riding your motorcycle, you're probably trying to explore the country side.

If you're anything like us, the minute your off driving through the countryside, or trying to find new driving roads that can really help you reach the full performance of your motorbike, is the minute you suddenly find you have no idea where you are, or how to get home.  This is where a GPS that has been specifically designed for your motorcycle comes into play.

Garmin Zumo Motorcycle GPS Reviews

We would always recommend that you buy yourself a brand name GPS unit. While they can be slightly more expensive, they are much better and provide better navigation routes with features that you can actually use. For this reason, we would highly recommend that you buy yourself a Garmin Motorcycle GPS unit which will give you a motorcycle navigation system that really works well and will provide you with features that you can actually use.

The Garmin Zumo Motorcycle series comes in two models, the 595LM and the 390LM. Both models are specifically made for your motorcycle and come with many motorcycle specific features that will help you with your riding. The major differences between the two models are show below;

  • Screen Size - The 595 comes with a 5-Inch screen as opposed to the 395 which has a 4.3-Inch screen.
  • Dual Orientation - The 590 allows this where as the 390 does not
  • Traffic - Neither model supports traffic updates
  • Maps - The 595 supports custom maps, 3-D terrain, active lane guidance and shows you what's up ahead
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing - Both models support Adventurous routing which avoids major highways and find routes with twisty, hilly roads
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Garmin Zumo 590LM Motorcycle GPS

Garmin Zumo 595LM Review

The Garmin Zumo 595LM Motorcycle GPS is rugged, reliable, glove-friendly and ready-to-ride. It comes with a 5" sunlight-readable display, is water resistant (IPX7), fuel spill resistant, and has the capability of enduring UV rays and harsh conditions.  It's part of the 2020 updated Garmin GPS series and has been designed while taking in account the older 590LM of the past. It is tough enough for cruising and adventure riding alike meaning that you can take your motorcycle GPS both on the road or off-road should you choose.

The device comes with Garmin's 2020 processor which allows for super fast route calculations and re-calculations should you take a wrong turn. Given the larger screen size, the device supports dual orientation meaning that you can view more than one map display on your screen at the same time.

You could view an overview of your route together with a lane assist function to show you at all times which lane you should be in or maybe you want to have a simple route navigation on one side and some road information such as your current speed and the speed limit of the road.

The device comes with pre-loaded maps of the US which offer turn by turn directions, however it also supports TOPO and custom maps for adventurous rides. The unit also features a Curvy Roads feature that lets you only ride on winding roads and avoids any highways. You can plan your round trip route by simply typing your requirements such as time, distance and location, and the rest is taken care of.

The device also comes with free lifetime map updates for the lifespan of the unit. This means you get the most up-to-date maps, always on your GPS and always an updated points of interest database.

The device also comes with an in-built computer which supports bluetooth therefore you are able to make hands-free phone calls and the in-helmet voice prompt does provide you with directions by way of the Bluetooth technology. If you like your music as you ride, you will be glad to know that you have the ability to control your MP3, iPod or Pandora right on your GPS’s display.

In addition, dual orientation is possible, meaning that you can have either vertical or horizontal views. You have the ability to monitor your tire pressure on the display by way of the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor accessory.

Real-time weather and traffic information can be readily accessed on the unit via the Smartphone Link2 app. The Zumo 595LM also keeps track of your service history log such as tire changes, tire mileage, chain cleanings and tire pressure among others.

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Overall it's a cracking motorcycle gps unit, however there are a few problems with the biggest one being it's price.  It's not exactly cheap or even value for money.  Spending this much on a motorcycle gps unit does take some doing especially when considering the TomTom version of this model cost less than half.  Personally, I think I will be going with the TomTom and saving the cash.

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