The Garmin Nuvi 66LMT GPS Review


Screen Size


Battery Life


Processor Speed


Ease Of Use





  • 6-Inch Display
  • Real Voice
  • Lane Assist
  • Fast Processor
  • Value for Money


  • One Hour Battery Life
  • Not as Easy To Use as Previous Models
  • Screen Fade
  • Touch Screen is Not Accurate
  • No Change In Voices

Garmin Nüvi 66LMT GPS ReviewFeatures

  • 6-Inch Landscape Display
  • Easy Navigation during Complex Interchanges
  • Lane Assist (Colored Arrows indicate the proper lane position for the next turn or exit.)
  • Garmin Real Voice: Turn-by-Turn directions from a Natural, Friendly Human Voice.
  • Huge Database of Points of Interest (like food, banks shops and gas stations)
  • School Zone Warnings: Alerts for up-coming school zones
  • Free Preloaded & Life Time Maps Updates
  • Screen Displays Speed Limit, Altitude, Time of Arrival, Distance to Destination

The Garmin Nuvi 66LMT GPS Review

The Garmin nüvi 66LMT GPS, is loaded with extra features to provide an edge in sophistication to its users whilst still keeping it user friendly.  The Large 6-Inch screen size with high resolution, brightness and clarity really helps you to not strain your eyes whilst viewing directions as you drive. The dual orientation of the portrait and landscape mode uniquely provides the user with the flexibility to adjust it as per the route and preference.  Information tabs such as current time, arrival time, direction, elevation on the screen can be customised to your convenience.

Once you have decided on your route and pressed the “go’ button, an option of alternate routes to the destination emerges giving you choice of your preferred route.  If you take a wrong whilst driving, the GPS will not bother you with those annoying sounds of “recalculating”, and due to the super fast internal processor the Garmin 66LMT recalculates a new route almost instantly which makes a change from older models which left you waiting for a new route.

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The burden of reloading and purchasing updated maps has been completely removed as the Garmin 66 comes with preloaded maps and free lifetime maps updates. The GPS unit is equipped with maps of the entire North American (Canada and USA) so a trip to the Bahamas is possible without thinking about loading new maps onto your device.

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The easy to use menu is very easy to use even if you have not read the instructions.  We found that out of the box, we knew how to use this GPS unit and the larger screen means that now you can actually press all the button individually.

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This GPS unit features Garmin’s new and improved Voice software which gives you a pleasant feeling as you listen to the real life “spoken” turn-by-turn directions that sound more natural and friendly.  Even when you approach complex interchanges where even the best voice directions do not really make sense, the Garmin 66LMT makes it easy to navigate with its Lane Assist ‘Junction View’ which uses brightly colored arrows to indicate the proper lane position for your next turn or exit.

The unique “Up Ahead” feature helps you to check out “Points of Interest” without leaving the map.  This GPS Unit has a massive database which not only includes ATM’s and Gas Stations, but also museums and parks that could be a good place for a break from driving.

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The only real drawback that we could find with this unit, is the terrible battery life which at best is about one hour.  This is the major disadvantage of having a larger screen and better resolution as it eats the battery.  Not a problem when your driving in your car, but for any walks around a park, your are going to have to use another unit as the battery will not last long.

Overall the Garmin Nuvi 66LMT is a fantastic Car GPS as it provides almost all the modern features for a basic GPS at a very reasonable price.

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  • Large Size and Intersection display screen with a high resolution
  • Human Friendly Voice
  • Preloaded Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • Quick and Speedy Route Calculations
  • Display of Alternative Route Options
  • Lane assistance Even at Complex Junctions.
  • A Value for Money Product
  • Customized Display with a Dual Orientation Display Screen
  • On-Screen Trip Log


  • One-Hour Battery Life.
  • People using the earlier models may find it more complicated to use due to some the sophisticated features.
  • Some downloadable functions and applications which are applicable to other GPS are not compatible with the nuvi66.
  • The touch screen has does not have much accuracy while inputting data.
  • The picture may fade out when viewed from an angle.
  • The higher resolution screen is only a blowup of the 5″ screens.
  • No additional map details are available at the .8 and 1.2 mile scales. Due to the of map file size.
  • Different voices or vehicle icons cannot be downloaded and it does not leave a ‘trail’ where you have been.

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