Garmin Drive Luxe LMTHD GPS Navigator Review

Garmin DriveLuxe LMTHD GPS Navigator

The Garmin Drive Luxe LMTHD GPS Navigator is Garmin’s top of the range, almost experimental GPS unit and comes with both a steep price tag, and a range of the latest performance features. Personally, I don’t rate it and don’t think you should be wasting your money on this model as you’re not going to use most of the latest features it comes with. 

That said, if you want the best, check out the Garmin Drive Luxe LMTHD GPS Navigator Review below.

Garmin DriveLuxe LMTHD

The Garmin DriveLuxe 50 looks much like any other Garmin GPS, however it’s the premium Garmin navigator and therefore comes with an all new metal case and powered magnetic mount. The screen, whilst a little small at only 5-inch’s is both a touch screen, but also has Garmin’s pinch-to-zoom display together with enabled with dual portrait and landscape orientations.

The screen display operations can be seen clearly even when you're wearing sunglasses, despite the smaller screen size. The display panel has non-glare feature and its ambient sensor adjusts very well to any light situation and it is bright and clear enough to see even during daytime.

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The highly responsive Touch screen enables you to enter details quickly and easily given the unit come with a "complete the word function" which means that you don't have type the full city or street name as the unit will complete this for you based on the available letters remaining.

This GPS model also comes with a new and improved processor which reduces its response time and allows you to search for and sort multiple destinations. The user interface has been improved over the years and now gives you the option to avoid certain types of roads, and even specific roads amongst the probable routes to your convenience.


Activating the "Exit Services" feature, enables you to select nearby Points of Interest such as Gas Stations, Hotels, Restaurants and ATM's. The screen can also be customized to show information on your GPS display such as the speed limit, other routes or Points of Interest.

The lane assist view shows up automatically when you come to freeway/highway exit or complex junction. You can now drive through an interchange or exit a highway with confidence and leave the “Active Lane Guidance” feature to help you with its voices prompts. When you approach a specific interchange, brightly colored arrows indicate the proper lane needed for your route in an animated model and the friendly voice offers additional help.

The Bird’s Eye junction view offers a detailed overhead view of interchanges, and makes you aware of all the possible details for a particular place. The Photo Real junction view realistically displays junctions and interchanges along your route, including the surrounding landscape as a few brightly colored arrows indicate the proper lane to drive. The Garmin DriveLux also shows real road signs as they appear along your route as you drive.

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Given the improved processor speeds, the device will boot quickly and the 'auto power off' feature will turn the GPS Unit off automatically if needed. The voice prompts are clear and can easily be understood even at low volume therefore keeping the passengers in the rear disturbance free. The old 'recalculating' feature which used to repeat, the words "recalculating" over and over again has been removed and replaced with a Banner on the screen.

Problem Areas

The Good and The Bad starts off with the most annoying feature of all. The GPS with a large sticker emblazoned across the screen which says, "Ready to Use", however this is simply not the case. As with all GPS units, they need to be updated for the latest maps and software which does take time and annoys me to the point where I think it’s almost false advertising.

Once you’ve got your GPS up and running, I would highly recommend that you turn on “avoid U-turns” feature because otherwise it suggests them frequently even when U-turn is illegal or impossible.

The key fault I have with the DriveLuxe is the arrival times, which are often 30% higher than actual driving time. More annoying, then don’t seem to reduce as you travel. So often I’ve found myself around the corner, even though the GPS says I have twenty-minutes left. Drive times are never perfect, but usually Garmin’s are within 10% of the actual time.

That all said, I really think the turn-guidance is much better than in previous models. It’s much clearer than in previous models and even with the smaller screen, its very easy to follow. I also like the fact the routing is inside parking lots and malls allowing you to easily find your way out and back on to the right road, for the way home.

I also love the GPS AI learning facility, that learns your driving habits and adjusts drive time accordingly. It works well and is a great feature to have on a top of the range gps unit.


It's out of my budget, but if money is no problem, it's a great GPS.

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