Garmin 770 NA LMT-S RV and Motorhome GPS Review

Garmin 770 NA LMT-S RV and Motorhome GPS Review

The Garmin 770 LMT-S RV and Motorhome GPS unit is Garmin’s all new GPS that has been specifically designed to help RV’ers out there enjoy the freedom of the open road without any boundaries of where you can and cannot go. It is the replacement for the 760LMT and a major step up in terms of both performance and user ability and therefore defiantly something you should be looking at if you’re in the market for a new GPS for your RV or Motorhome.

The biggest difference between the 770 and the older 760 is the screen. The 760 uses the older 7-inch screen with a standard design, whereas the 770 now comes with a 6.95” edge-to-edge display. The difference is huge. The all new 770 is almost the same size as the new 660LMT that comes with a 6-inch screen and substantially smaller than the older 760.

RV Designed GPS

If you're taking your RV out for a tour across the US, you want to make sure that you're travelling in the right direction and avoiding all those low bridges and restricted zone. When you're buying a GPS unit specifically for your RV you need to make sure that you buy the right model that has been specifically designed for your RV.

There is no point in buying a normal car device if you're driving an RV as you will face problems driving along the road. A normal car gps unit will not factor in restricted zones or low bridges leading to problems along your route.

Buying a GPS unit that has been specifically designed for an RV means that you will not have any of these problems allowing you to enjoy driving your RV without any of the problems associated with driving your RV such as getting lost or stuck in traffic.

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Garmin 770 NA LMT-S RV and Motorhome GPS Review

The Garmin RV 760LMT GPS is Garmin's GPS device that has been specifically designed as an advanced navigator for the RV lifestyle. The unit comes with a large, easy-to-read 6.95” edge-to-edge display, simple interface using Garmin's developed menu system and a super-fast processor for extra fast route calculations and re-calculations.

The device comes preloaded with full maps for both the US and Canada meaning that you have detailed maps for the whole region. As an added bonus, this unit also comes with both free lifetime map and traffic updates to keep you out of traffic.

You will need to connect your GPS to your smartphone, but once you have done so, not only do you now have live traffic information, but also live weather alerts and lots more. Traffic alerts appear at all times to the side of your map and given the 2798LMT has voice command, messages will be spoken to you alerting you to any on-coming traffic problems.

The Traffic program can also give you details about the traffic jam that you will face, such as how long your delay will be, if there are any possible de-tours and whether you’re on the fastest possible route.

Maps & Directions

As with all the latest Garmin GPS units, you will need to connect it to the Wi-Fi and both update the software and maps. Once this is done, the gps quickly switches on and allows you to navigate through the unit’s interface and enter your destination using the touchscreen. The maps are quite frankly fantastic and there is plenty of information to help you get to your destination.

Once you’ve entered your destination, the GPS will quickly find your route while taking into account your RV’s measurements and show you a route to follow, making sure you don’t go down any roads with low bridges or restricted zones. The “Garmin Real Directions” for the has been improved a lot over the years to the point where it now provides “spoken turn-by-turn directions”.

Instead of asking you to take the third left or second exit, the unit speaks directions using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. As an example, if you’re driving in a city, you’re more likely to hear, “turn left after the petrol station”, that the GPS of old, which would give you a distance to follow.

As an added benefit, the 770LMT also comes with both “Active Lane Guidance” which uses an inbuilt animated model with brightly colored arrows to show the proper lane for your route and Bird’s Eye junction view that offers an overhead detailed view of interchanges while you’re driving.

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RV Trip Planning and Sharing

The unit comes with an easy-to-read 6.95” edge-to-edge, widescreen display that makes for easy viewing and control. The voice guidance that is incorporated in the unit lets you focus on your driving as you listen to directions from the unit’s extra loud speakers. In addition, you are able to make hands-free calls owing to the Bluetooth technology capability that is incorporated in the device. To achieve this however, you need a mobile phone with Bluetooth capability.

The base-camp feature enables you arrange your RV excursions early. With it, you can create your route along specific routes in addition to being able to search for restaurants, fuel stops or local attractions along the way. Once you have finished creating your route, then you can upload the same onto your Garmin RV 770 for a stress-free ride.

Still in terms of guidance, the unit does come with an Active Lane Guidance feature that makes use of a friendly voice to guide you onto your proper lane. In addition, there are brightly colored arrows displayed on the screen that further make this an easy transition. This feature is especially useful when you come upon junctions and interchanges.

On the unit’s display you get information such as your current speed, speed limit, in addition to an accurate time of arrival. You are also provided with school zone warnings as you drive. Last but not least, the Garmin RV 760 is compatible with a wireless Backup camera for those moments when you may need footage of what transpired.


As soon as you decide to take your RV out onto the open road, you will be ready to go allowing you to update your vehicle's profile data onto the device to enable you to discover courses suitable for your RV.

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  1. I think Garmin 770 is a good GPS and I used it for a long time, so I want to change to Garmin 780. But I don’t know what is the difference between Garmin 770 and 780 and 780 is better or worse than 770. Can you explain it to me? Thanks!


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