What’s The Best GPS For Car 2014

What’s the Best Car GPS?  In all honesty its the navigation unit that gets you from Point A to Point B in the quickest, easiest route, whilst avoiding any traffic and providing you with a good selection of features to help you along your route.

GPS Car Brands 

Buying the best GPS for car is actually very easy and you can simply head over the Garmin or TomTom websites, view their latest models and you will have a great GPS unit.  When buying a Car GPS its honestly best to buy a brand named automotive GPS unit as they will always be the better units.  Even if you decide to buy a cheap car gps unit, buy a branded name.  Often you can have a look on some deal website and find a cheap navigation device that comes with all the latest features and updates and will probably look in principle, a great car navigation system, however don’t buy it.

It honestly will not work work and most likely will not last you more than a few months.  Buying a Brand name such as a Garmin GPS Model or a TomTom Automotive GPS Unit will might cost you a little more, however at least you know you’re buying the best gps system on the market that will last you a life time and will come with both gps updates and extra features such as massive points of interest databases or websites that allow you to access other users travel data to find the best driving roads in your location.

Cheap GPS Units

The Problem comes when you put the navigators price into the equation and suddenly actually the most expensive unit might actually not be the best that you should buy.  There is also the problem of which to choose given there are many fantastic auto navigation units on the market right now.  Here’s our thoughts on the best Car GPS Navigation System based on Customer Ratings and Reviews.

How to Buy The Best GPS Device For Your Car   

When choosing the best car GPS Device you need to consider a number of factors that will decide which is the right navigation model for you based on your own individual preferences and what you are going to be using the navigator for.  If you are driving a small sports car then you are unlikely to want a massive 7-Inch Garmin GPS Unit, but on the same token a large screen does mean that you can have more features and better GPS directions.

  • Screen Size – Even with a simple interface you’ll be pressing buttons you don’t mean to if the screen is too small
  • Signal Lag – Fast Processor Speeds mean fast route calculations and re-calculations.
  • Interface – The simpler the better. Find all the features you want quickly and easily
  • Voice Command  – Great in Principle, but in reality you won’t use it.
  • Bluetooth – Great option if you want to use your phone
  • Real-Time Traffic – Worth its weight in Gold.  No one likes being stuck in traffic.
  • Maps and Directions – You will need up to date maps that show you where to go even on complex junctions.

Best Car Navigation System

Garmin 2797LMT (Our Favorite)

Garmin NUVI 2597LMT ReviewsThe Garmin 2797 LMT is our favourite Car GPS Device on the market as it comes with a massive 7-Inch Touchscreen, a very easy to use interface and preloaded maps of the USA which are both updated for free for the lifetime of the GPS Unit and include Traffic updates which keep you from being stuck in traffic jams.

The all new faster processor allows for both super fast route calculations and Garmin’s all new updated maps to be used which use real voices and recognisable building and landmarks to direct you to your destination.  In the event that you have drive through any complex junctions along your route then the PhotoReal and Bird’s Eye Junction Views offer detailed images and striking arrows to help you along your route. 

The large memory card which is expandable, allows both a massive supply of nearby services such as restaurants, stores, ATM’s and  Gas Stations whilst a smartphone link connects your GPS Unit to your iPhone or Android SmartPhone.

Garmin NUVI 2597LMT Best Car GPS ReviewsPro’s & Con’s

  • Very Easy-To-Use
  • Massive 7-Inch Screen
  • Bluetooth and Smart Link.
  • Life Time Traffic and Map Updates
  • The Screen is Massive
  • Its actually Quite Expensive
  • Voice Recognition is Average
  • Need A Plan.comTerrible Battery Life

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Garmin Nuvi 52LM

If you cannot afford the Garmin 2797 or want a slightly smaller unit that is easier to carry around then we highly recommend the Garmin Nuvi 52LM which has a 5-Inch screen, fast processor and voice prompted turn-by-turn directions with Lane assist and coloured arrows to help with those difficult junctions and interchanges.

The Garmin 52LM comes with a very easy to use interface allowing you to quickly find your destination and any points of interest that you want to visit along your route.  The menu features Garmin’s very own predictive text which helps you to quickly input you destination in to the machine.  

Whilst the GPS Device does not come with added features such a Bluetooth and Voice Command, it does come with Garmin Express which helps to easily update maps and software to the GPS unit whilst allowing favourite locations to be added or saved elsewhere.

Garmin 52LM Car GPSGarmin 52LM Best Car GPSPro’s and Con’s

  • Good Sized 5-Inch Screen
  • Life Time Map Updates
  • No Traffic Updates
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Value For Money
  • No Bluetooth or Voice Recognition
  • Built In Speaker
  • Speed Limit Indication
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Need A Plan.comNo User Manual 
  • Easy-to-use out of the Box
  • Slow Updates

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TomTom Start 45M

The TomTom Start 45M is the cheapest, smallest model in this range, however if you need a small cheap GPS unit with no added features that can help you get to your destination then this is a great model for you.  The TomTom 45M has a small 4.3-Inch screen, a fast processor which allows for a good interface, high definition maps and advanced lane guidance to help with those difficult interchanges and junctions.

Whilst this is a cheaper GPS Unit, it does come with both some good features, however they are pretty basic and quite frankly you will not be using them.  The GPS unit comes with road side assistance and fuel prices however both of these are not free after the first year and whilst the GPS unit does come with an in-built speaker to give you directions, you will have use it with the windows closed as the speakers deteriorate badly at higher volume.

Whilst the maps are actually very good and will easily direct you to your destination, you cannot use the TomTom software with an Apple Mac to update the device and its does not come with any case or storage unit. 

Need A Plan.comPro’s and Con’s

  • Small 4.3-Inch Screen
  • Little Extra Features
  • In-built Speaker are Average
  • High Definition Maps
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Active Fuel Prices
  • Need A Plan.comGood Points of Interest Database
  • Software Cannot be Used with a Mac
  • Good Value For Money
  • No Storage Unit

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TomTom Start 45M

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